Art Jove 2006

Art Jove 2006

First Award in Graphic Design

First prize in the "Art Jove 2006" competition. The aim of this competition was to make the graphic line of the contest "Art Jove 2006", which is a contest that includes a number of artistic disciplines ranging from poetry, music to theater or cinema. My goal was to find a common element in all these artistic disciplines to serve me of thread and in turn encompass all forming a single unit. So I came to the conclusion that a common element among all disciplines was the concept of "inspiration." To plot such an abstract term as the inspiration I turned to the "Muses", which have always come to the rescue of the artist giving inspiration and spark to finish his precious work. So I created for each discipline its own Musa. Now the Muses become claim to encourage young artists to concursen in "Art Jove 2006", while reflecting the contestant quiet whispering in his ear: "... Do not worry! I will come to give you light in your darkest ... time. "

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